Amy Butler Staple Dress

Well, since I promised another blog post on the Staple dress (and I was wearing it today!) here goes…


This is actually the second staple dress I made, my first was a midweight denim fabric I scored at a yard sale for $5.  In other words; fabric I wouldn’t be upset about wasting on a muslin.  I may or may not ever wear it- but it worked for testing out the pattern and size before cutting in the fabric I really wanted to use…this beautiful Amy Butler voile (Josephine’s Bouquet in Ink).  I had been eyeing this fabric online for over a year and finally gave in and ordered it from fabric.com when it went on sale.  Sadly they don’t seem to have it anymore.  I only had 2 yards but since it is a generous 54inches wide I was able to squeak out a Staple Dress out of it.  Or maybe a Staple tunic if you consider it is way too short to wear without pants.  Or my choice: leggings.  My all time favorite staple in my wardrobe!  The leggings I mean…and I guess this Staple dress now as well!  I have worn this at least once a week since I made it last month.  Love it!IMG_20140807_125050

These pics were taken outside the girls swim lessons today, not the most flattering angle being taken from the height of a seven year old…but it was all I could accomplish today and I am still pretty impressed by her photography skills!  Please ignore the wrinkles, sitting outside in the grass watching kids swim isn’t a very glamorous affair therefore I did not iron it.  Not that I ever do.  Ever.  Hmm…maybe keeping my hands in the pockets will hide it.  I love these pockets and don’t know how I never sewed in seams pockets until I bought this pattern and gave it a try.  Funny that both this and my other new pattern for the the Moneta dress both have these same pockets.  Love, love.  IMG_20140807_123145

I am excited that given this shorter length I will be able to wear this into fall and winter with skinny jeans, boots and a cardigan.  I actually think that the shorter lenght works better for my (apple) body shape- showing a little leg is much more flattering for me.  Maybe the cheapness on my part in only buying two yards worked in my favor and will help redeem this pattern for me after all!


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