By Hand London- Polly Top

As much fun as I have been having sewing dresses these days I figured I’d better diversify my me-made wardrobe and make a few separates.  I first attempted to make Colette’s Sorbetto top.  Actually I made three of them- none of which got blogged because they were either too tight, or ill shapen or just really unflattering…I don’t know why I kept going.  Something about that pattern just didn’t work for me!


Looking online for images of the Sorbetto top on curvy women like me I stumbled upon an image of the Polly top by By Hand London.  Another FREE pattern, but somehow I never saw it before and certainly never came across it on any of the sewing blogs I follow.  How is this possible?  Anyone else do this- search google images and pinterest for inspiration?  I always do and especially look for images of women with a similar body type who have tackled the pattern first- not an easy task.  Although the images I found for the Polly top were all quite small I ventured ahead and sewed up a top anyway.  I sewed up the largest size and good news- it fit!  No alterations necessary- woo hoo.


The few sites I could find that reviewed this pattern mentioned the difficulty in piecing the two front pieces together but I found this rather simple.  It did take a bit more time to be sure the pieces fit together around the curves but they went together really well and once put together the rest of the top went quickly.  I chose to do a hidden bias trim neckline and armholes instead of a visible one since I was lazy and used a store bought bias trim that didn’t match!   The print fabric on the front and back is Anna Maria Horner Coreopsis Voile and the blue front trim piece is from a vintage sheet that resembles chambray.  I love how the top looks with the pattern fabric used on the back as well.  I was not a fan of the tops using an accent fabric just for the panel in front- plus I had a yard of this voile and wanted to use as much of it as I could.  Using this blue fabric actually spoils the top for me- I don’t like how it hangs or how the neckline lays.  Oh well, this is what happens when you try to be cheap and use what you have laying around right?

I will be making more of these for sure.  I really love how they look and fit and the cleverly placed front accent piece eliminates the need to sew bust darts or other shaping (even for a large chest!).   Pretty cool.   I can picture a number of great fabric combinations and think that this top will work great all year under my closet full of cardigans!IMG_20140813_193435

Disclaimer:  These pics were taken at a nighttime outdoor concert with the threat of rain- not the best but I was wearing a handmade top to be blogged so it is what it is!


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