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Olympia Maxi Dress

It’s Spring!  The weather in the North East is still fluctuating between the 80’s and 50’s, pouring rain and then sun but my Wisteria is in full bloom and I am gearing up for warm weather.  I am inspired to make comfortable and breezy summer dresses to wear as we see the sights and eat ALL THE FOOD in Spain this summer.



This is also the first year I am participating in #memademay and have been wearing handmade every day- it has been much easier than I though- except for the photo capturing.  My girls are short little amateur photographers so it is very difficult to get a good photo of my clothes but I am trying to train them well!  My goal was to wear something handmade each day (except when I was leading at Girl Scout Camp last weekend) and to sew at least one new item each weekend.  Although I haven’t been blogging this I plan on doing an end of the month wrap up post showing all of the pics and hopefully will get to full posts of the new items soon!


This post just has to go up today though so I am posting out of order.  I couldn’t resist posing in my new Olympia Maxi Dress in front of the Wisteria tree- the colors are just perfect!  I bought just a few yards of this pretty knit at Joanns a few weeks ago on clearance and had planned on making leggings for my daughters with it but was able to sew a maxi dress for myself out of it instead!  I originally made this particular dress with a sleeveless black liverpool top and the purple patterned fabric skirt but after trying it on I did not like where the top cut off on my waist and how it contrasted with the skirt.  I decided to cut it off and was able to eek a matching top out of the leftover scraps of fabric by sewing a seam up the back instead of placing the pattern on the fold and by making the top slightly smaller than the XL pattern.  The fabric had enough stretch to make it work and I am very happy with the result.


The bonus?  I used the black bodice I had sewn and paired it with another maxi skirt so I was able to finish two dresses this weekend!  I love the second one even more and plan on getting pictures this week.  For now- here we go- Size XL purple printed knit Olympia Sleeveless Maxi Dress.

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Me Made May.

I know it is May 2nd.  I am a day late but better late than never!  So- those of you who don’t obsessively read sewing blogs may not know that Me Made May is a thing- a really big thing.  MMM or #Memademay or Me-Made-May or whatever you want to call it is an online event where the challenge is to wear something me-made or refashioned EVERY SINGLE DAY in May.  Awkward selfies posed in full length mirrors at work or in bathrooms are frequently posted…so here we go.


A quote from it’s founder Zoe Edwards taken from Seamwork*:

“What makes MMM compelling is the way it challenges sewists not only to make garments, but also to actually wear them in our real lives—and so to consider how our handmade wardrobes relate to consumption, self-image, and how we present ourselves to the world.”

This is the first year I feel up to the task and will attempt to use this month as a way to encourage myself to sew more, to take pictures of what I sew and maybe even post more on this blog as a result.  I may not take a selfie of what I am wearing every day and post it to Instagram like I am supposed to but maybe I will most days- we’ll see.  So, although I did not take a picture of it yesterday I was wearing a refashioned dress I shortened into a tunic and so technically I am cooperating with this challenge already- but lets count today as the official start!


I am trying to branch out of my pattern designer comfort zone (Seamwork, Colette, etc) and try other independent designers and lately I have been hooked on Patterns for Pirates.  I bought this pattern last week and couldn’t wait to make it when I got my latest shipment of fabric in from LA Finch Fabrics.   The pattern is a variation on their Sweetheart dress which makes this a very versatile pattern that includes a sweetheart neckline, color blocking options, lace overlay all in a peplum, mini  length and the knee length dress version.  I never thought I would wear a Peplum Top and quite honestly I feel pretty silly and self conscious in it for whatever reason but I am in love with it at the same time.


Being “curvy” and carrying much of my weight in my stomach I wouldn’t think this style with its nipped in waist and hip accentuating flounce would work but because the waist hits at the narrowest part of the body and is fitted on top and nice and loose around the bottom it is surprisingly flattering.  Or at least I am hoping it is and trying to convince myself of this!  This Spring Floral Coral Liverpool knit I used certainly attracts attention and isn’t helping me blend into a corner today at work- maybe that is a good thing and this whole Me-Made-May thing knows what it is doing- inspiring confidence in its participants and showing the viewers that rocking handmade can work on a daily basis.  Maybe.  Either way- Day 1 of the challenge is done!


*what a Librarian thing to do- insert a quote and a link.  No citation page here though- have to draw the line.