Yet Another Staple Dress…more like Staple top

Quick and easy projects seem to be the way to go these days.  Trying out a new pattern requires time…time I don’t seem to have these days.  So, here is another tried and true pattern- The Staple Dress.  Super simple to sew up when you’ve made several already and the pattern is already printed and pieced together.  All that is left to do is cut it out and sew it up!  I’ve blogged about this pattern a few times, and have probably sewn at least 4 variations already.


I bought this fabric from Girlcharlee a while ago, I loved the print and colors but was unsure of the fabric since they had just started offering wovens and I was unsure of the weight/quality.  Its called Vintage Confetti Crepe de Chine and is available here.  It is 100% polyester, and other than the static cling that I am contending with I would totally recommend it!

It is a much bolder print than I’d normally go for, but really love how it looks paired with my everyday uniform of skinny pants, boots and a cardigan!  I altered the pattern slightly as I did in this version– cutting the dress straight across the bottom and shortening it a bit to tunic length.  I knew I’d never be wearing this without pants!


My sewing machine was not cooperating with me when I was trying to shirr the fabric so I opted to zig zag some 1/4 inch elastic to the inside instead and I love how it turned out- so much faster than shirring as well.



5 thoughts on “Yet Another Staple Dress…more like Staple top

  1. thanks so much for your assorted reviews of this dress! You literally just gave me the incentive to hit the “buy” button on this pattern – this had been on my radar as a beginner level pattern but I hadn’t seen the results of it being made in an xl size so I was hesitant at first. Looks fantastic! Overall, which method did you prefer – shirring or adding the elastic to the inside? Did you use a casing or just zigzag the elastic to the inside of the dress?
    Also, have you tried Burda 7907? Very similar design only with a Vneck (which I usually prefer) and slight gathering at the shoulders. It comes in both a shirred and unshirred version, although I have only seen pictures of the completed unshirred dress online.

    1. I love the dresses with shirring, but my machine doesn’t cooperate well so I actually prefer sewing in the elastic. It is much less frustrating for me! I think it looks great both ways though. When I sew the elastic I just zigzag it to the inside of the dress, a casing would look great but I like to keep it quick and easy!

  2. Have just stumbled across your review, and I’ve often wondered about this pattern for those of us of a larger size. I’m also a good bit older than you ( or at least you look really young) so I wasn’t sure about the hem that you normally see. I’ve just downloaded the pattern, and will make a wearable toile out of some stash fabric, but its great to see it worn as a tunic, which is how I think I’d wear it most. With boots, jeans and a cardigan it looks great.

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