Romper: Love or Hate?


Hmmm.  As you can tell by my last few blog posts I am in LOVE with Seamwork magazine and their digital patterns.  I love getting the email each month and checking out their new patterns (2 each month for only $6).  As soon as I saw last months Layton Romper I knew I had to make one.  Rompers are all over the place now and although I had no idea if this style would actually be wearable on me I had to try it out.  The ease of a dress and the comfort of shorts=win.  Well, in theory at least!  I can’t tell if I absolutely love this on me or totally hate it.  I really can’t decide.  Part of me is proud of the confidence I feel when I have it on, the other part feels embarassed to leave the house.  This is a problem.


There were numerous problems in the execution of this pattern as well.  I made up an XL as per my usual sizing in Seamwork patterns but lengthened the shorts by 2 inches for fear of them being too short.  I also eliminated the slits in front.  Problem is it came out HUGE.  HUGE.  As in I had to make several alterations- cutting open the shoulder seams and shortening the straps by 2 inches or so, and hacking into the side seams to narrow the bodice and the shorts by a few inches as well.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the only problem..the torso is too short on me as well.  The top is really meant to blouse over and it doesn’t.  The rise on the shorts is too long, and the torso is too short in my opinion.  ugh.  Is it wearable though- sure.  Hopefully.  Here are a few shots of the side and back for blog purposes only- I don’t think I will ever show this view to the public- not without a cardigan to cover it up!

Once I realized this wasn’t working I immediately hacked up the pattern and cut the size Large and sewed up a version in a printed fabric.  I lengthened the bodice piece by a few inches, and kept the shorts as is.  It is not going to be photographed- not a good look!  I am not sure if it is the slimmer size, or the print of the fabric but I feel like a am wearing pajamas…and not in a good way.  I am determined to make this pattern work and will lenghten the bodice a few more inches (again) and try it in a solid again and see how it works!  For now I will wear this with a cardigan and wedges and “think” I look stylish.  Maybe.


*Kudos to my 6 year old for snapping these pics on my cell phone after school today- not too bad!


4 thoughts on “Romper: Love or Hate?

  1. I think they look good, if you hadn’t mentioned all the alterations you had to make we wouldn’t know about them. I find some of the colette patterns have a very short bodice (moneta & wren). I am planing to make these rompers too, one day I feel like cello-taping 30 pieces of paper! I am worried that the shorts may creep up between the thighs, as I don’t have a thigh gap 🙂
    well done!

    1. thanks so much. I agree on the short bodice on the moneta as well…I have had to lengthen mine as well. The taping is a pain- I was sick this week so it was nice meditative work to do in bed! I haven’t had an issue with the creep up- and believe me I have no thigh gap either. The shorts are very roomy and hang pretty well.

  2. I really love the look of the romper with the cardigan, and has anyone told you how fab you look in red? It does things for you! The first thing that comes to mind when I look at the fit is a FBA to prevent the front waist area from hiking up, and then the lengthening of the bodice should help to create that tucked-in-blouse effect that you are looking for. The shorts part sits fine in the front, although it does cling to your booty around the back- a wide hip adjustment?https://www.sewalongs.com/clover/clover-wide-or-narrow-hip-adjustments
    Looking forward to seeing you crack this pattern! I want to try this pattern myself!

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