More of the same…Seamwork Akita and Hayden

Well, it is pretty sad that it has been so long since my last post!  Crazy that I had no idea it had been so long…where does the time go?  And, here I am once again starting a post talking about how long it has been.  I am really like a broken record.  AND, here I am posting about two Seamwork patterns.  AGAIN.  Wow, Boring.  But not really!  I am going to cut myself some slack here and realize that working full time and having kids and hobbies and activities and running and you know- LIFE doesn’t always support my desire to keep this blog going.  It just doesn’t.  Here I am though making another lame attempt at blogging.  Forgive me.  If anyone actually reads this at this point!

Ok, here I go.  Seamwork.  Super simple patterns designed to be sewn in just a few hours. Easy.  Just what you need when the mood strikes and you want to whip something up.  Which is how I roll these days.  I don’t have time or energy to devote to multiple sittings at my machine to make a garment, and I love instant gratification.  Who doesn’t right?  I am hoping when this semester ends and I am done working next month I will have more time and a longer attention span to try out more complicated and sophisticated patterns but for now I am content sewing quick and easy things for everyday wear.

The first top here is the Seamwork Akita.  Super simple pattern- its only one piece!  No shoulder seams, same front and back and super versatile.  I have made a few of these babies up already and love this one the most.  I recently came back from a trip to Puerto Rico and sewed this up special for the trip…I just love the floral lace of the cotton fabric and feel like it made a really simple silhouette look more special. On our last day of the trip we did a street grafitti tour- so cool.


I love it equally with jeans or shorts and the fit is spot on in a size 16.  Love it.



The next pattern I used was the Seamwork Hayden top, a woven tee pattern available in a cropped and full top version.  I made the full top version in a size 18 and realized it was HUGE on me and had to cut it down and make it work.  The top features a separate hem band cut on the bias which also allows you to add in pretty trim as I did with this lace I had on hand.  I used a Gertie swiss-dot rose fabric I had from Joann’s and although my husband noted it looks like an old tablecloth to him I love it.  I think I will wear it a ton this summer with shorts and sandals.  Cute.  The keyhole neckline in back adds a special touch and I know for sure I will be making a few more of these in solids and playing up the princess seams in front with some possible color blocking.  So versatile.  I will try to use the size 16 next time and see if that works a bit better in terms of sizing.  I cut/taped/sewed this top up in just  a few hours in preparation for an evening out with friends last night to visit the local university to hear Sarah Koenig speak about Serial.  Are you obsessed with that podcast as much as I am?  So great hearing her speak on the process and the background of the show.


Now that the weather is finally warming up around here, and there is light at the end of the tunnel with work ending soon I hope to sew more for myself and keep this blog alive!


8 thoughts on “More of the same…Seamwork Akita and Hayden

  1. I love the white lace t-shirt! It’s like a step up from a normal t-shirt. Thanks for pictures of the Seamwork makes! I just subscribed but I haven’t decided what to make yet.

    1. Thanks! I know once the weather really warms up here I will wear the white top pretty often. Seamwork has a number of great basics and easy patterns. There are some months where I do not care for the patterns, but overall I love it!

  2. You look all nice and fresh with your new tops and your new haircut! That Gertie tablecloth fabric(hehe) is fabulous!

    1. Yes, my new haircut isn’t so new anymore and I looked at these pics and thought- wow, I’m due for a touch up. Thanks for the confidence boost. I always admired your cut and wish I could pull it off!

  3. Both seriously cute! Was thinking of making the Hayden, so thanks for the inspiration, it looks awesome on you.

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