Seamwork’s Astoria top

I have completely fallen for Seamwork magazine…I love the articles and the wonderful patterns that focus on simple and easy to sew projects in a short amount of time.  Right up my alley.  This is actually the first pattern I went to tackle: the Astoria top.  I really, really want to like this one.  A retro cropped and fitted top reminiscent of the 50’s is super cute, but hard to wear with any of the items of clothing I currently own.  Did this stop me from making one?  No, instead I made two!  I mentioned this top a few posts ago and that I’d post about it when/if I found an acceptable bottom to pair it with and this is the best I could come up with.  Eventually I’d love to try my hand at a half-circle skirt or some sort of midi a-line paired with boots, but for now this flared black skirt is the best I’ve got.  IMG_5227

Frustrated by the process of posing for these pictures I decided I was just going to be real and post these even though they are pretty ridiculous.  It is hard to pose outside when the girls are continually running in and out of the shot and mocking my “elf shoes” and telling me to make kissy faces.  Those kids.  So, do these look professionally done- no.  Were they taken by my reluctant husband who I forced outside to take them while the girls played in the driveway and my neighbors doing yardwork were probably wondering what the hell we were doing?  Yes.  Whatever works right?


This turned out to be a super fast and easy sew.  It took less than an hour from start to finish, and the size was spot on except for the arms.  Anyone else have this issue?  The top itself is fitted, but the arms are really loose on me.  IF I make another I will have to take them in for sure- I don’t think the fit works.  I wonder if the top is so fitted because of my large chest and lack of darts obviously.  Maybe I should try sizing down in the sleeve?  I used a nice knit from Joann’s that I picked up on sale a few weeks ago and it is so soft and easy to work with.  I am not normally one to wear animal print but I think this is subtle enough for me to pull off.  Hmm…up close this certainly doesn’t look subtle!  It will take awhile for me to gain the confidence to wear a top this short and fitted, but maybe one day I will pair it with the right bottom and some heels and rock it.  Maybe.



4 thoughts on “Seamwork’s Astoria top

  1. The cropped nature of this top did not work for me with my hips, so I drafted a half circle skirt and sewed it onto my astoria to make a dress, and I have since worn it to death this past winter!

    1. I love that idea! I have yet to actually wear this top for the same reason- I love it in theory but when I actually have it on I feel uncomfortable in it. I am so used to covering my middle-area in longer tops and tunics.

  2. Super cute outfit, Jewel! I love the Astoria paired with your skirt. I think your photos look awesome, btw! My husband hates taking my photos and the tripod was best purchase I’ve ever made!

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