Seamwork’s Camden Cape

IMG_5196I knew as soon as I saw the new issue of Seamwork Magazine I was going to make the Camden cape.  Not that a cape is particularly useful in my life, or that I thought it would be particularly flattering on me, but I just had to have it!  All logic aside; there is something charming and elegant about a wool cape isn’t there?  I thought maybe I could actually pull it off if I paired it with slim pants and cute boots to modernize the silhouette.   I immediately printed it out and spent the countless hours taping the pages together and getting my pattern pieces cut out.  There are so many pieces to this thing!  My honest opinion?  This is really not a 3 hour pattern.  I swear I think at least 1 hour was spent cutting out my fabric.   I may be slow, but I feel like 3 hours is impossible.  I was determined though! I had the perfect fabric already- a few yards of a deep purple wool I had picked up for less than $2 at the thrift store months back.  Score!  I lined it with another thrifted fabric- a bright berry colored cotton.  I used 5 vintage brass buttons I had in my stash…overall cost to this is around $5.  Wow.  IF I were to make this again the first thing I would change however is this lining fabric- it really needs something something like a satin or other fabric that won’t “stick” to whatever I am wearing underneath it.  I think a different lining fabric would help it drape better as well.  IMG_5179IMG_5172IMG_5203

Now, lets get to the fit.  This thing is ridiculously enormous.  I made a size 18, and I feel as though I could take off both of the side panels and it would still be roomy enough.  I almost wondered if I cut extra pieces and made a huge mistake?  Hmmm. I don’t think so, so I just think I need to size down or hack this thing up and make it smaller.  Also, please ignore that wonky last button…I think it is just the photos, or I might have sewn it on a bit high.  UGH.  I may also need to iron this thing.  I really want to make it work and may try to make it smaller, or even add another row of buttons so that I can cross it over even further and have two rows of buttons like peacoat style? Enough of my negativity…l really want to get this to fit right so that it isn’t time wasted.  And of course I now feel like my wardrobe really needs a cape!   I can’t wait to see other versions of this out there- since the pattern has just been published I was going into this blind.  Thoughts?  Is it salvageable?   IMG_5186


8 thoughts on “Seamwork’s Camden Cape

  1. I think it’s adorable and completely salvageable. I love your fabric and it’s worth taking apart! Get a slippy lining and then you’ll have an excuse to take it apart and trim it down a couple of sizes. I think you’ll be happy that you did it. I didn’t choose the cape but I think I will next month, after seeing yours. I really love it.

    1. Thank you. I think I will take your advice and take it apart. I haven’t worn it and know I probably won’t until I make it right. Hope you give it a try and it turns out well!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your insight! I have the Camden printed out, and want to start it ASAP (especially now, after seeing how good yours looks). I’m glad you said that about the lining…I was thinking of using flannel, but now I probably won’t. I also love your idea of a double row of buttons!

  3. Looks lovely, I wouldn’t say it looks too large but if it feels like it is that’s a different thing. and you need to be happy wearing it.
    If you put an extra row of buttons in would it move the arm holes too close together?
    I think you should go with Colleen’s idea and change the lining, and use that time to take some out of the side seams 🙂
    I love the look of this cape, but I would have to do something to the neck line as it just makes me feel chilly looking at that neckline. One day I will have a cape!

  4. I think it looks great. thanks for sharing your results and thought about making this cape. I have spent lots of time with this pattern already and haven’t started sewing yet!

  5. It looks to me like it’s too big at the neck, like it wants to fall off your shoulders. Not great for an outer layer! I would probably do the double breasted thing and move the buttons over – looks like you’ve got enough ease to do that pretty… easily. Ha!

    I love the idea of capes but I just can’t bring myself to make one. Yet. The more lovely ones like this I see, the weaker I get… It’s just so PRETTY!

  6. Love the colour of your Cape! And thank you for your insights and tips – Pattern is sitting in my downloads, waiting to be made.

    Great tips about sizing and lining fabric!

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