Knitting my heart out…

I’ve been in a real funk lately.  Feeling anxious, stressed out and generally overwhelmed.  Not exactly sure why, but this feeling of constant anxiety has made me want to just curl up in bed under the covers and hibernate…not that I have had the chance to do this AT ALL, but the feeling is there.  I guess the busy fall semester at work coupled with running (and my mentoring) and all of the “duty” that comes along with being a Mom to two busy girls is catching up to me.  Fall is always an especially busy time but this year it feels much worse.  Perhaps I have overcommitted myself  and the girls?  Probably.  Definitely.  Oh well, live and learn I guess.  In the meantime I have been coping by trying to incorporate stress relief crafty activities into my life to try to ease my anxiety and nervous energy.  There really is something to say about the meditative qualities that knitting possesses!  The repetitive motion is very soothing.  A much healthier alternative for me that trying to turn to medication or having a drink for sure.  So, when the stress reliever of running isn’t quite cutting it I have been knitting.  The benefit is obvious….


I used the Pickles pattern here.  I have been dying to try this pattern out for a few years but was intimidated by the colorwork- I had never even attempted to do any sort of stranded or fair isle or intarsia or whatever you want to call it before and it freaked me out a bit to be honest.  Although I read the comments on ravelry that many people had issues with the sizing I made it up according to the pattern (but only did 4 rows of hearts to decrease the amount of slouch) and hoped for the best.  Unfortunately even though it is an adult size it barely fits my 6 year old.  I had intended it to be for one of my girls anyway, but the tight fit means she may or may not wear it- ugh.  I am going to try to soak it and block the hell out of it soon.  The yarn is a fabulous deep purple madeline tosh I have been hoarding for a few years, and the hearts are made from a few different sources- a hand dyed self striping yarn by 716knit, and a random light pink superwash dk yarn I had laying around.  The self striping yarn is the bright pink and yellow, but I chose to use each color separately so I had to get a bit creative and couldn’t just knit right from the skein or the hearts would not be a solid color.  This just meant more ends to weave in…but it was worth it since I love the bright yellow pop of color!IMG_20151101_082123

In the meantime I have already started a second one and increased the number of stitches by 10 to try to enlarge it enough for my older daughter.  I will also have to be even more cautious of how tightly I am carrying the strands across inside- I am pretty sure that was the main issue here.  Other than this it was a very satisfying knit and I am damn proud of myself!  I am even tempted to make one for myself; but with a worsted weight wool to ensure a better fit for me with the current pattern.  Black with white hearts would look great don’t you think?


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