Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Remember that song.  Yikes, total flashback.  Weather around here has been crazy hot the last few days, today it is over 90 degrees…which for Buffalo is really friggin’ hot!  This heat makes everyone miserable, tired and on edge.  Since our house does not have air conditioning, and my sewing room is in the attic I haven’t been doing much of any sewing that is for sure…but I’ve been dying to so I finally sucked it up and headed upstairs this morning.

IMG_4492I bought this fabric about a month ago from Joann’s (shocker!) and I meant to make a maxi dress for my trip to Charleston but never had a chance.  Then I told myself I’d make one before we headed to Montreal (post coming soon), but that never happened either.  So when I realized I had a few hours to myself this morning I decided to suffer through a few hours of heat misery and got to work.  Nothing like sewing in your bra while sweat drips down your back.  Isn’t that a visual?  Gross.  This was quite a challenging sew when it should’ve been really simple and straightforward.  I guess it is hard to concentrate when you are so uncomfortable!  In the end I love how it turned out, even though it took twice as long to make because I made a few mistakes and the fabric was a bit of a nightmare to keep straight and even.  It is a light slub knit, and it kept slipping and was very, very hard to cut on the fold without the bottom layer totally shifting.  Ugh.  Nightmare. I am completely in love with this print though so I was determined to make it work!

IMG_4486I used a new pattern for me:Simplicity 1358, view A.  A simple scoop neck maxi dress.  Unusual for me in that it does not have any sort of gathering, or elastic…just a simple pull over style with no defined waist.  I love it!  A few months ago I would have never had the confidence to wear this body skimming style but I am so glad I gave it a shot.  My body has been changing these days, between my weight loss and running so I think its about time for some of my clothing styles to change too.  I think this dress will work well as I continue to lose weight, and looks great belted as well.

IMG_4500For now it fits well, is loose enough to be comfortable but hopefully avoids looking too tent like.  I made the XL size, with no modifications other than I chose not to hem the bottom.  This is probably out of sheer sweatiness or laziness, but also I prefer the look and didn’t want to worry about a wonky hem or to spend any more time in the attic!



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