Modified Moneta

I’ve been in a bit of a sewing slump lately.  Feeling frustrated with my serger that just refuses to work, fabric I have on hand in quantities less than what I need to actually make anything in my size, and patterns that just aren’t working out!  I have made a few versions of a vintage pattern I own and have been trying to get the fit right, using fabric I am really not in love with.  To get myself out of this rut I went fabric shopping!  I went to Joanns for some knit fabric because I haven’t had the best luck buying knits online and unfortunately they are the only local store that carries them.  Booo!!  Anyways, armed with my coupons and a free hour I made a quick run there, came home and washed the fabric and a few hours later ended up with this!


This is why I love tried and true patterns…so quick and painless.  Although I love the challenge and excitement of trying new patterns, there is something so satisfying as sewing something you KNOW you are going to fit into and love.  I did modify the pattern this time though so it was a bit of a gamble.  The Moneta often makes me feel like I am all boob- know what I mean?  The bodice is so short on it, I feel like I have boobs and then a super gathered waist right below them!  I wanted to try to lengthen the bodice to avoid the look of having boobs at my waist.  So, for this version I lengthened the bodice about 2 inches, and I removed a great deal of the gathers to make do with the 2 yards of this fabric I purchased.  I actually really like how it turned out, and I love that I only needed 2 yards!  I did fully line the bodice in the same fabric and added the pockets as well.


Not bad for under $20!  Due to my serger being on the fritz I sewed this baby up using the stretch stitch on my machine- works just as well as the serger but it takes forever in comparison.  Oh well, I must try to be more patient.  Overall I am in love with this dress, I may even prefer the less gathered skirt although this more body skimming look may take some getting used to!


I decided to wear it to my little girl’s Kindergarten Celebration (I’ll be blogging about her dress next!).  Don’t we look smashing in our homemade frocks?




5 thoughts on “Modified Moneta

  1. Lovely dress! I like the print and the colours look great on you:) I also lengthened my Moneta bodice – the bodice is short and with that gathered skirt right underneath the boobs it starts to feel like a preggie-dress…NOT cool when you are not pregnant!

    1. I agree. I have made several versions of this dress and looking back I wish I had lengthened the bodice sooner. I love this dress. I’m loving your style and so happy you read my blog!

  2. Yes, awesome! I bought the Moneta pattern and planned to make it for my daughter, who doesn’t live close, and who lost some weight recently. So your post and others I’ve read about Moneta, makes me wonder if I should try sewing it without her being around for a fitting….most of the posts I’ve read, they’ve altered the bodice some way or other. After all, the sizes are S,M,L??? However, your dress looks wonderful! And two yards, yes, that looks fabulous.

  3. I love it and I can see the difference, it looks better this way yes.
    I still have to begin on my first Moneta, I have the fabric but have to finish some projects first and with a heat wave coming up at the end of next week here I could use some nice dresses 😉

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