Getting myself to healthy

Its funny how things can come full circle.  Typically whenever I had free time or needed to destress I would sew.  It started with sewing clothes for my girls and then turned into sewing more for myself.  When I started running this past year I made a switch and would find myself craving a run or trying to find time to get outside for a quick mile or 2, or 3 to destress and turn my day around.  The time I began to devote to this new “hobby” started taking the time I would normally try to devote to sewing or crafting.  I joined No Boundaries, a learn to run 5k program with a few friends at Fleet Feet.  We ran together 3 or 4 times a week, and I got hooked.  I love how running makes me feel more alive, more confident, and part of a community.  I feel proud of myself, feel healthier and stronger and more resilient.  Not that it has been easy.  Running is hard.  I had shin splints that almost made me give up, had to start Physical Therapy for them, and the icing and ibuprofin regimen I put myself on was extremely time consuming.  But I did not give up.  I ran the Graduation 5K with the group in May and kept going.  Now that running has become a habit for me I find that I have begun to watch more of what I eat and have joined a weight loss group through Fleet Feet as well.  So far I’ve lost about 8 pounds and my confidence has grown so that I feel better, clothes have been fitting better and I again have the urge to sew new clothes for myself and look good!  The coming full circle is that not only have I been eating better and running more, but I’ve got an entirely new reason to sew as well!


How did I possibly turn my running and healthy eating into an excuse to sew?  First- last week I ran in a 5K with a Superhero theme.  Rather than buy a Wonder Woman shirt, or BatGirl or something else like that I decided it was a great opportunity to create my own Superhero.  Super Jewel!  Get it?  Since my first name is Jewel I thought instead of being literal I could find a cool Jewel type image and turn it into my very own superhero logo.  Voila.  I created this graphic using Microsoft Word, and ironed it on iron on transfer paper (for dark fabric).  It was super simple and the dark fabric transfer paper doesn’t even require you to mirror your image…easy peasy.  Here is a shot of it in action last weekend.  This is my 3rd 5K in the last 30 days or so- crazy….my time keeps getting better and better.  Although my friends and I are still super slow I have broken the 40 minute mark and I am looking forward to signing up for the next level of running group through my local running store (Fleet Feet) in a few weeks so that I can get even faster and more efficient.


With the running is getting a bit easier I have been trying to shake up my food routines and have been turned on to overnight refrigerator oatmeal…yum.  A friend of mine swears by it, and also in eating Mason Jar salads.  Check out Pinterest for a zillion recipes for them.  Apparently they are really a thing.  I came across this recent tutorial and pattern for special insulated mason jar bags specifically designed for this purpose.  Hilarious.  I couldn’t resist to whip up a few for my friend  and myself.  In other words I will use any excuse to sew something new.


The only fabric I had to purchase was the insulated batting…and of course this in turn made me pick up a number of new fabrics I fell in love with.  Hopefully I will find the time soon to make up something new and special for me to wear.  Maybe once I hit that 10 lbs lost mark I will reward myself with something pretty!  Woo hoo.


5 thoughts on “Getting myself to healthy

  1. Yay Jewel that sounds AMAZING!! How awesome is thát?!

    Whenever I want to destress Im hopping on my bike (hey we Dutch people like to ride our bikes hihi) and it so helps getting your head clear (is that the right word?). And I love your insulated mason jar bags, they look so cute!

    Overnight refrigerator oatmeal is so yummie, esp. with some cinnamon *sigh*

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