Lola, my new love

When I first came across this patterns a few months ago I instantly fell in love.  What’s not to love- a dress with princess seams, sewn almost entirely on a serger (quick!) and in a cozy sweatshirt fleece.  Fits perfectly into my comfy day-work-loungewear-sleepwear outfits I seem to like to sport these days.  Ha ha.  Anyone else guilty of this?  I find myself wearing leggings and knit tunics or dresses dressed up with scarves/accessories to work and then transforming them into loungewear or sleepwear when I get home…pretty bad.  I get complements on my handmades and always seem to say “yes, and it is so comfortable, like I am wearing a nightgown”…Hello I am talking about you Moneta.  Maybe wearing comfortable knitwear that feels and sometimes acts as pajamas isn’t the most professional thing to do but it works for me!IMG_1279Anyway, welcome the ultimate loungewear dress- Lola by victory patterns!  I downloaded the digital pattern a while ago and finally got to ordering sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee (on sale- score!) and then it sat.  And sat.  I finally mustered up the energy to tape and cut up the pattern and get to sewing.  I AM SO HAPPY I DID.  In less than 2 hours I had the most comfortable and surprisingly flattering dress ever!

IMG_1286I chose Indigo Blue Cotton Sweatshirt Fleece and am very happy with the quality of the fleece so far, it is soft and sturdy but with little stretch.  Unsure about the sizing of the dress (goes up to 16), I decided to wing it and I added 1inch to the front and back center pieces on the fold, so essentially added 2 inches to both the front and back center pieces and it turned out perfect.  I did not have to grade the pattern up in any other pieces- thankfully.  I also plan on making a red version next and may even take it in a bit in the back center, I don’t think I needed the full 2 inch increase in the back like I did in the front (chest) area.  I would totally recommend this pattern to anyone who might be considering it, even if you are above the stated sizes.  I spent alot of time looking on pinterest and google images trying to find curvier women in this pattern and couldn’t find more than one or two…it’s a shame because it is a great pattern and I had a very easy time enlarging it and it was a very simple grade.  You’ll notice my mistake though- I accidentally sewed the bottom on backwards- with the upper curve in the back, so I had to take it apart and reassemble it correctly, but this now meant that my hem cuff was backwards, with the seam in the front center.  Oh well, nobody but me would care so I lazily left it that way!

IMG_1283*Please excuse the crappy pictures- I just got over the flu, it is New Years Eve and about 20 degrees outside- and snowing!  I actually wrote this post 19 days ago…and finally wore it again today to snap some pics, so this is what you get!


7 thoughts on “Lola, my new love

  1. Awesome dress! I bought this pattern a year ago and have totally looked for other curvy girls wearing it and found none. Wasn’t sure that it would be easy to make or flattering, but you have inspired me to take a run at it!! Thank you!!

    1. me too! I couldn’t find anyone my size who had made this but I loved it so much I gave it a shot- and it totally paid off. I love it. I’ve now made three!

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