Attempting to balance it all…and failing

I knew that once I went back to work this semester finding time for myself would be difficult.  I knew that when school started back up and fall activities began that sewing would take a backseat to everything else.  I knew that finding time to sew, take photographs and blog would be a challenge.  I did not know it would be almost 2 full months before I’d post again- wow.  I guess alot of this has to do with the constant revolving door of illness in our house…colds, fevers, sore throats back and forth between the girls since school started.  The biggest time suck?  The two weeks+ of me battling pneumonia…yep, pneumonia.  I couldn’t stand up for more than two minutes to walk to the bathroom I was so exhausted and weak and spent days and days in bed.  Horrible. Thank god for Netflix and my husband taking care of the girls!  So, I guess I need to make some allowances for myself and just hop back in to my creative self as time permits and not worry about how long it has been, or feeling guilty for not doing things for myself etc.  Because in the end all that does is make this blog one more responsiblity or one more thing I feel like I am dropping the ball on, when it is really supposed to be a creative outlet for me to express myself and relax!

So, even though things have been crazy busy I have found time to sew and knit a few things, but no blogging going on.  I haven’t been able to stay away from the trusty Moneta pattern and made this lovely dress using an incredibly soft grey knit (from Joann’s if you can believe it).  You can’t tell in photos but the knit has a bit of sparkle to it and it appears to have some sort of angora or something that resembles it…not your typical knit jersey although I can’t describe what it is!  Anyways, it is super soft and feels a bit fancy even though walking around in it is so ridiculously comfy I feel like I am wearing my pj’s.






I also sewed up a purple flannel version of the Cecelia dress from the Magic Pattern Book, that will not be blogged. Horrible.  Me in a flannel peasant dress is not going to be published online.  Yikes.  If only I had thought that one through a bit more, I would have saved myself alot of time and fabric.  Ok, moving on.

I have purchased a few new patterns in the hopes that I will find time to sew them…including Colette’s new Dahlia dress, and Victory Pattern’s Lola. I can’t wait to get started on these!  AlsoI celebrated my big 38th birthday!  woo hoo.  The perfect present?  A new camera…I finally entered the DSLR club and got a Rebel.  I am still learning how to use some of the features – including the timer as you might be able to tell from my pics above…but I am so excited.


4 thoughts on “Attempting to balance it all…and failing

  1. Your dress does look super comfy. I’m trying to get up the nerve to sew something for myself, but find it so hard to find good knits here in Australia.

    Sorry you’ve all been so sick. Sometimes it just seems like constant illness, doesn’t it? Hope you’re all better now.

    1. Yes, finding good knits is hard in the US as well…at least it is locally for me. Such a gamble ordering online as well. Sometimes it does seem like constant illness with little ones at home, but we are all doing Ok now!

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