Queen City Market- Vintage button barrettes

I have a thing for barrettes.  Almost every childhood picture of me has me wearing at least one- and now I love making them as well (although I don’t wear them anymore!)  Something about an adult wearing a barrette seems so juvenile to me.  No offense to any barrette wearers out there, I think it just brings me back to my childhood.  I had always pictured my girls wearing the same goody-style barrettes I did as a kid, with the one little side swept barrette or the middle part with the two barrettes.  Remember that style?

Well- anyone that has ever met Isabel can see that she has far too much hair and curls for any old barrette to handle!  Eleanor has more of a hair texture like mine and is known to love her barrettes and hair accessories.  She particularly loves to take them in and out of her hair- styling it over and over again.   I am hoping to snag a couple of these for her- even if she only wears them once or twice before she loses them!


I have made variations of them for each of the queen city markets- and I love the style I am making this year the most!  I have raided my (very special) vintage button stash and chosen a number of sweet buttons to adorn these clips, they are so simple and classic.  A very cute alternative to the blingy huge flower/bow hair accessories people plop on their girls heads these days.  I will be selling them in pairs, some matching and some coordinating.



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