Queen City Market- Leggings! Leggings! Finally some clothes…

When I originally started selling handmade goods I focused on girls clothes and a bit of accessories- mainly hats and barrettes.  I have come to change my focus a bit after doing a few of these markets to make and sell more gifts for children (and mom’s!).  I have found it easier to whip up gifts such as banners, bags and home goods since I don’t have to make a large number of sizes and styles.  You know how many dresses and skirts I made for the first market- a ton, and I ended up getting asked for all of the sizes I DIDN”T have- or for boys clothes, or baby stuff.  Although I did pretty well that first year I learned that it is impossible to fit/size everyone- I am not a retail store- so I switched my focus last year to include for kids gift items- more unisex items…and it was great.  I am planning on doing this again this year, but I couldn’t help but make SOME clothes- they are really what I love to sew!


I am focusing this week on leggings…who doesn’t like a pair of comfy leggings?  My girls wear them pretty much every day and I have been bored by the options out there, so I chose to amp it up a bit and go trendy with my fabric choices.  You can buy a basic pair of leggings anywhere- but where can you find a baby tribal print?  So cute.  I will have a range of sizes- from a few 12months up to 8 years, all sewn and professionally serged and in the most hip and soft knit fabrics.  Prices will range from $12-18 depending on style and size.  I have a feeling the girls are going to claim those grey/cream sweater ruffle leggings above…and I don’t blame them.

I am totally in love with these little fawn and feather leggings- so ridiculously cute.  Here they are in a 6-12 month size.  The baby sizes have a cuffed bottom, but larger sizes will not.  They are all professionaly serged and finished on the inside, and even have small seams tags inside!




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