Queen City Market- Crayon wallets

What is the one tried and true trick for keeping kids entertained while out at a restaurant, doctors office or long car ride?  Well, besides the iPad or tablet?  Pen, paper, crayons or any other type of drawing equipment for them to scribble their little masterpieces.  I have been so desperate as to hand my girls a pen and a receipt from the bottom of my purse to give them something to do- any parent knows what I am talking about!


Well, here is something cuter and much more functional!  In the past I have sold crayon rolls, and crayon bags but this year I am making even simpler to grab something on the go…a crayon wallet.  Inside is everything you need to keep them occupied- a few crayons, markers or little pencils, and a small pad of paper all tucked in a little wallet.



I will be making a few with less kid-like prints as well…so we don’t have to be embarrassed when we pull them out of our purse to use them for ourselves.  I know I will be putting one in my bag for notes/lists.  I NEVER have paper or a pen when I need it.  These will sell for $8 each or I might bundle them for 3/$20-perfect for stocking stuffers (the paper notepad and crayons are included).  I had better get to sewing more,  my girls have already staked their claim on a few!




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