Queen City Market- Chalk Cloth Banners

I am so excited to participate in this years Queen City Market– for the third year in a row!  I have been selling in this market since it started, and am so happy I was chosen to continue on this year.

This means I had better get to sewing!  Now that my new sewing space is finished- almost, I can get to work.  I plan on featuring two items a week on this blog that I will be selling at the market…or hoping to at least.  The first of which are these sweet Chalk Cloth Banners.


One side of the banner is made of chalk cloth- which is just like a soft chalkboard you can write on, erase, wash off, and repeat.  Great for decorating a child’s room, for holidays or parties.  The banner is double sided, with the back being a cotton fabric print or solid.  They can be hung either way, I have taken a picture of two of the banners to show you the front and back.  They are around 6 feet long and feature 10 flags (around 5 1/2 inches across each).


I plan on using one on my display for my shop name at the sale, and the girls are already claiming some for their rooms.  I love the idea of hanging one and sharing little messages to each other every day…and I am sure the girls will soon fill theirs with all sorts of doodles- hearts, faces and names.



Need a custom order let me know- I am open to adding more flags, doing a custom fabric backing or extending the length.  Or come check me out on December 7th at the Queen City Market where I will be selling these for $20.  I will also be adding all of these items to etsy after posting on this blog…check out my page at smallseams.etsy.com.

Here’s a little hint about what I will be featuring next…anyone know what this is?



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