The place that dreams are made of: my new sewing space

It has been over a week since my last post because I have been busy, busy, busy.  Not necessarily with sewing, just with life- work/interview (for full-time- yikes!) and Halloween craziness.  BUT- my largest project of all over the last few weeks has been the transformation of my attic sewing studio!  Woo hoo!  I cannot believe I am lucky enough to have a space like this all to myself- I am in LOVE.  I turned a once dirty baby blue/grey and white space into a bright white dream oasis.  Really, I can’t stop gushing over the transformation.  This is a really long post- lots of pictures- bear with me!  First lets start with the Before!  I loved this Library sign on the door- of course I am going to leave it.


I was so excited to get started I didn’t start snapping pictures until midway through- darn it.  But, you will have to picture it…mismatched furniture, tons of fabric and scraps and threads all over the floor.  A huge mess, with the girls sewing supplies scattered around no real flow.  Not to mention the old attic floor which had been painted grey/blue at one point and had been splattered with some sort of resin or shellac which also was splashed over blue and white walls.   The previous owner of our house built furniture, so I imagine he used this space to finish his pieces?  Either way it was horrible, but with so much potential!  A bright space in the attic, with finished walls, electricity and heat.  ALL TO MYSELF.

Here is a mid-process shots of the space. Already starting to improve!


This is after I cleared out all of my old furniture, bins, fabric, and “junk”.  You can see the charm already; the slanted ceilings, the large windows and painted wood floors.  I chose to paint everything white…and I love it.  I probably could have used another coat of paint but I couldn’t wait to set up.  I had to do a coat of oil primer on all of the walls and slanted ceilings since I tested the original blue paint and it came up as oil.  I used my favorite primer- zinsser cover stain oil primer.  It covers everything- including the shellac splatters.  Awesome stuff (but pretty smelly- so use ventilation!).  I also primed the floor with a coat of this primer as well, to ensure my topcoat would cover well.  After my coat of primer on the walls I covered them in 2 coats of white paint- mixing whatever random white paint I had in my basement- I was trying to be thrifty (or cheap).  The floors were painted with 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor paint in white.  I can’t say enough good things about Sherwin Williams paint- it is more expensive but well worth the $$…I need this floor finish to last!


What is a sewing space without furniture?  I ordered all of my furniture from IKEA online, and had it shipped right to my door- so easy.  I ordered the separate tables and legs (where else can you do this besides IKEA?) and it worked out perfectly.  I was able to get two drawer cabinets and a large tabletop (extra long to fit my serger and sewing machine) for my main work space (with an extra leg for support in the center) and another table top with extendable sawhorse legs to raise it up to counter height- perfect for my cutting table.  I love that they include shelves for storage, and can easily be lowered down if the girls want to pull up a chair for a special project.  I also ordered a bookcase to store my fabric- worked out perfect.




When all was said and done I still had plenty of space to fit in a retro chrome and white round table I had, along with a few wooden chairs I used to use in my kitchen.  I think this will provide a great craft space for the girls, so that they can work in there with me while I sew.  Now that Isabel has been showing such an interest in sewing herself she can even set up her little machine there and claim out her own little space- which she did right away!



I can’t wait to finish decorating the space and setting up all of my stuff, but for now I am really enjoying the minimalism and “clean” look of how it is now!  I know this won’t last long….


The details:

From Ikea

Sewing/Serging table:

LINNMON Table top, white (Length: 78 3/4 x Width: 23 5/8 “)

1 SJUNNE Leg (in center for support)

2 Alex Drawer units, white

Cutting Table:

2 Finnvard Trestle with shelf, white

Linnmon Table top, white (Length: 59 ” Width: 29 1/2 “)

Shelf- Expedit


6 thoughts on “The place that dreams are made of: my new sewing space

  1. I know that this is several years after you posted this, but your space looks absolutely lovely! Please tell me, how has your Linnmon table top held up on your sewing/serger table? Do you notice any bowing? And when you really put your serger into high gear, do you get much “bounce”? I’d love your thoughts, as I am putting together my sewing room over the next little bit. Your space has been a huge inspiration for me! Thank you!!
    PS – I love that your little girls like to sew as well! My “littles” are all grown up now, and alas, none took to the machines. Probably because there was never a conducive space like the one you’ve created here for them. Good Job, mom!!

    1. Hello! Yes, it has been a few years- and even though I don’t blog very often these days I am still using my sewing space pretty often! The table top has held up very well- no issues at all. I do not have any bowing or instability issues. The only issue I find when serging is my serger will dance across the table top if I let it- I think I need to put some sort of anti-slip lining underneath it to keep it from sliding. I love that as I read this comment I was actually IN my sewing room with both of my daughters….I was sewing and they were playing games- but it is really a great space to share.

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