Kids Clothes Week- Day 4. Bow-jamas

When the temps drop the girls love nothing more than staying indoors in their jammies, with some hot chocolate, popcorn and a movie.  Who could blame them?  Out of everything I have ever made them the handmade pajamas and nightgowns get the most wear.  The dresses and tops I make them don’t always make the cut when getting dressed for school (so sad), but the cozy flannel nightgowns and waffle knit pj’s get chosen again and again.  When I came across this black and white bow print waffle knit at (of course) Girl Charlee I jumped on it and bought a few yards.  You can’t go wrong with the price! You can find it here.


I don’t think I would sew with this particular fabric again though- I think the bow print gummed up my sewing machine- the serger kept skipping stitches and my sewing machine broke a needle!  Not sure if it was just a bad day for me or if it it was the “paint” used to make the bows (they are a bit raised and imprinted on).  Either way I was so frustrated and they took MUCH longer to make than they should have- but I finished them!   Seeing how much Isabel loved them totally made it worth it!  I self drafted a pattern for the top using the same construction as my Skater dress pattern (but added a banded bottom), and the pants are made from my Go To leggings pattern.


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