Kids Clothes Week- Day 2. Cozy legwarmers

Easy peasy no pattern needed, cozy, warm and simple legwarmers.  Perfect accessory for this cool weather.  When did it become fall?  Wasn’t it in the 70’s just a few days ago, or so it feels.  It is in the 40’s today, we have our heat on, and no matter how much I love Fall it hits me hard when the temps drop.  Brrrr.


We have been walking to ballet without jackets on, with the girls in their leotards.  Now it is freezing out!  I whipped these up in about 20 minutes, just in time for ballet today!  The fabric is a white/black mouse print from girl charlee.  It is Heart Mouse on white cotton jersey sweatshirt knit…totally soft and fuzzy inside, but not much stretch.   I am going strong with this 1/4 yard surprise bargain lot I ordered from there a few weeks ago…so exciting to try out fabrics I wouldn’t normally buy yardage of.

If I could only keep Eleanor still for a moment to snap a picture!


I simply cut (2) 9inch by 14 inch (length of my fabric) pieces for the legwarmer, and (4) 9 inch by 7 inch pieces for the cuffs.  I serged up the seam on the length of my large pieces.  Then serge the ends of the small cuff pieces together, fold them to form the cuff and serge them onto the tops and bottoms of the legwarmers.  Simple.  The girls may be getting a number of these…perfect to use up small pieces of knit fabric I have lying around, and great for keeping those little legs warm at ballet or the bus stop!


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