Fabric splurge! My (first) Liberty of London dress.

It’s a match made in heaven.  Ever since I picked up my copy of Stylish Dress book I have been dying to make one with a Liberty print.  So many of the beautiful prints in the book are Liberty, and much of my online inspiration has been those made out of Liberty as well.  Case in point- the makesomething blog.  Really?  When I first googled this book to look for inspiration I found this blog and was in awe of how many amazing garments she has made with Liberty of London fabrics.  I immediately felt cheap (or poor!) when I added up the cost of the fabric and the amount of it needed to make a dress- WOW.  Much more money than I ordinarily spend on anything for myself at the store.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized the blog owner is also a shop owner, and a shop owner of a store in Toronto (the workroom) nonetheless!  What a small world.  So, of course I had to visit said shop this summer (blogged about here) and had no excuse not to pick up some Liberty fabric while I was there as well!  I mean, how could I not right?  I am pretty lucky that there is nothing closer than Toronto with this fabric or I would be in trouble…and broke.*

Anyways, fast forward a few months and I finally became brave enough to cut into said fabric and make myself my dress.  I chose to repeat a dress I have made a few times already- I didn’t want to risk this fabric on a pattern I hadn’t tested out yet…so I chose Style A from Stylish Dress book.  A simple sleeveless dress with matching bias trim and a gathered neckline and bust darts.  Pretty happy with how it turned out!  I followed the pattern exactly, only thing I wish I had adjusted are the bust darts…being more “endowed” than the model (obviously) I really need to lower them- but too late…I will have to work with it as is.  Beautiful fabric, simple pattern and very versatile.  Wish I had whipped this up earlier so that I could have worn it over the summer, but nothing leggings and a cardigan can’t fix!


I really have a hard time getting a decent picture of myself, I do not like having my picture taken and feel especially awkward posing on purpose for this blog.  Apparently I can’t even keep a straight face when I ask my husband to take my picture (doesn’t help that he finds this blog incredibly strange).  What am I doing here- posing like a superhero, while laughing?


It is actually a bit better when I ask Isabel to take my picture- the perspective from the height of a six year old is a bit more flattering.  ha ha.


Oh well, not the best shots but the dress is done, it is comfortable and wearable.  These shots were taken after a long day spent at a fall festival so ignore the wrinkles!

*well, shopping online can be dangerous as well…especially since fabric.com sells Liberty too!  This print might be calling my name pretty soon.



3 thoughts on “Fabric splurge! My (first) Liberty of London dress.

  1. i can relate to your liberty love. and your workroom love! i wish i lived closer so i could take all of their classes. since it sounds like you are in southern ontario, there is also a shop in london that carries some liberty – it’s called hyggeligt.

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