Purple bunnies on a very reluctant model


I sewed this up a while ago, but haven’t found time to take pictures until now.  Eleanor has now decided she does not like this dress, and was putting up a big stink about even trying it on for a picture…so stubborn!  She finally gave in and let me take a few shots, not the best but they show how totally cute this dress is!  Even if she doesn’t like it today I hope she changes her mind.  I even made her a pair of matching purple leggings, but didn’t want to push it to make her put them on.  It would have probably put her over the edge!


The main fabric is Bunny Rabbit Silhouette on Lichen Green Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric from Girl Charlee.  Such a sweet print.  Love the purple bunnies!  I knew I wanted to match the purple for the trim and cuffs but didn’t want to run to the fabric store to try and find a matching jersey so I headed to the Salvation Army.  Although I am loyal to my Amvets, I ventured out after I heard from a friend they have Family day at Salvation Army on Wednesdays- and I scored a dark purple polo shirt for only $1!!  I was able to use it for the trim, cuffs AND the matching leggings.  Sweet.


The pattern is of course the Skater Dress that I have blogged about over and over already, again in long sleeves.   This is the first dress that is completely serged, I did not use my sewing machine at all-wow.  Now that I have made a number of these they go so fast, I swear it takes longer to cut the pattern out than it does to sew it together.   I have a few more coming up as well, I went a bit overboard and ordered more knit fabric from Girl Charlee…including a very exciting knit dress for MYSELF!


I had to include a shot up close to show the true color and print.  The dark purple bunnies really pop out on the greenish background.  Perhaps I should just stick to taking pictures on the dress form?  So much easier to get a good shot when it is not on a squirmy little kid!


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