Penguins! (and my 50th post!)

Penguins.  Soft knit fabric.  Long sleeves.  Tried and true sewing pattern (blogged about here and here).  Add all of it up and you get a simple, warm and comfortable dress for fall.  My girls favorite dresses are for sure their long sleeved Skater dresses I made last year (before blogging!).  I have FINALLY gotten around to making another long sleeve version of this but now that it is officially Fall I figured it was time.


I picked out this adorable knit fabric from my favorite online source- Girl Charlee.  It is a sweet graphic Penguin allover print on a soft grey background.  I had planned to use the same fabric for the neckline and cuffs, but after sewing the neckline found it wouldn’t work.  I should have stuck to the pattern directions from the beginning and used a ribbed knit, but this is the first time making this dress that my fabric didn’t work- I have found this particular fabric to be much thinner and with much less stretch than other knits I have bought.  I love the print, but the feel and weight of the fabric isn’t what I had hoped for.   Isabel chose the penguin pattern, but isn’t too fond of the black knit neckline and cuffs.  Picky, picky.   She said it reminds her of pajamas.


Oh well,  hopefully she will learn to love it.  I think it is pretty cool with the black trim, especially when paired with black leggings (or shorts like today because it is so crazy warm out)  I did make this a bit large for her (she seems to have stretched up this summer, is now so much thinner- she is getting big)  I guess this just means she will have more time to grow to love it.  You can see from her backpack she actually CHOSE to wear it to school today…that is a good sign!


Next up, a coordinating dress for her sister…let’s hope the purple bunnies I chose will grow on her.  Sense an animal theme?  Girl Charlee has the best knit prints out there…I have an order on it’s way right now that I can’t wait to sew up (feathers!).  For me this time!  I sense a knit dress in my future.  Is there anything easier or more comfortable?


So, can you believe this is my 50th blog post!  I never thought I’d stick with it this long, but it has been so much fun and a great place for me to keep track of what I have been doing and making.  Hope you keep reading for 50 more!


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