Views, views…I’ve surpasssed 1,000 views!

I am so excited to announce that my lowly little sewing blog has had over 1,000 views!  (anyone with a real blog or website is probably laughing at this right now, I am sure there are plenty out there that get more than this each and every day!)  I am feeling really proud of my numbers.

indexI started this blog as a project and an outlet for me to do over the summer, something to do for myself and connect with others while I am playing “stay at home Mom” to the girls.  I have stuck with it longer than I thought and I am so happy to think that this many people have checked it out!  With my return to work this week, and the girls heading back to school tomorrow I will have even more time to post and create and I hope the numbers keep rising!  My main motivation for this is to post for myself, to keep a creative log of what I do and to connect with other people with similar interests and crafts- but it is pretty cool to track the statistics too!  Why write it if nobody is reading it right?


One thought on “Views, views…I’ve surpasssed 1,000 views!

  1. Well done you, well worth celebrating. I remember hitting 1000 views and being totally thrilled. Keep at it and who knows where it will take you. Looking forward to reading more posts. xxx

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