The Sally Dress!

So, when Luvinthemommyhood (one of my favorite blogs- EVER) put out a while back she was looking for pattern testers for her Sally Dress I jumped right on it.  New to the blogosphere I didn’t think I would be chosen, but I was (so excited!)  and it was so much fun.  I finished these dresses a while ago and have been waiting until the pattern goes live so I could post this!



I couldn’t stop at making just one- so I made 4.  I am a bit crazy.  I made the three of the sleeveless version and one of the elbow length.  I love them all, but I have to say the red linen is probably my favorite of all I have ever sewn…I am really hoping Isabel agrees to wear it someday.  Frustrating that she has refused so far, it is adorable.  I took her out on our first fashion shoot outside of our own yard, and headed to the park and Art Gallery to take these shots.  Don’t you love the rainbow stripes- I couldn’t find the artist information online, but it is a huge brightly colored metal cube behind the gallery…a perfect backdrop!



I know I will be making more of these dresses.  I first tested the size 6 for Isabel.  The first dress I made (the gingham) took the most time, I was trying to be perfect and really stick to the directions.  I took my job as pattern tester very seriously.  ha ha.  Once I had it down the others were so easy, and pretty quick.  I did take one shortcut on the sleeved dress, I serged the edges of my lining rather than hand sew- I am lazy like that, but on the outside you’d never know it!


I was also able to test the size 4 pattern and whipped one up for Eleanor- a heavy bottom-weight plaid fabric.  I love it as is, but think it will work in the fall as a jumper with a shirt underneath as well.



I would recommend this pattern to anyone with little girls, from a beginner sewer on.  Isabel wore her Mecca Modern dress to an Art Festival and we were stopped MULTIPLE times for people to comment and ask where I got it- and I got to proudly say “I made it!”  Such a beautiful, simple, comfortable dress that really shows off your fabric.  What more could you ask for?  Oh, yeah- I did have a few adults say they would wear it.  Maybe an adult pattern should be in the works next?  You can find the Sally pattern in Luvinthemommyhood’s shop here or in her etsy shop here.



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