Simple Summer Sewing Series

Simple Summer Sewing Series Day 4: Reusable Snack Bags

I am totally taking the easy way out today on this post.  I meant to write up my own tutorial on this, with pictures and a beautiful pile of snack bags all set for the upcoming school year.  FAIL.  Summer weather returned  and I spent some quality time with the girls at the pool and playground instead.  And now I am sick.   How is it that every time I finally decide to cut myself some slack and slow down I get sick?  Hopefully the girls will give me a bit of a break so I can get some rest (doubtful).  No time to write up my own tutorial, so here is the tutorial I used when I first decided to whip some of these up a while back.  Why recreate the wheel right?  Check it out here. The tutorial uses ripstop nylon to line the bags.  This, from all of the research I have done is considered to be foodsafe.  I have made several bags using this tutorial and it is super quick and easy.  I decided to go a different route this time, and lined mine in cotton fabric.


I have found though that the nylon is not waterproof and does not protect the outer cotton clean from what you have stored inside.  Lesson learned after keeping a bag of cheese crackers tucked in my bag for too long- the oils from the crackers soaked through the nylon and discolored the outer fabric layer.  Plus, nylon is a bit of a nightmare to sew with.  Solution- make the bags entirely out of cotton and do more laundry!  I personally feel better about eating out of a cotton bag rather than the ripstop nylon, and they are easily tossed into the washing machine. You can see in the image above I chose to line these in a chambray fabric and I love how they turned out.  Now I certainly wouldn’t carry around a jelly sandwich in these, what we use them for- pretzels, cheese crackers, cereal  and for other dry snacks they work great.  I wish I had made these when the girls were babies, they would be perfect for cheerios and those little puff snacks they used to love to eat!  The tutorial I linked to above works either way, you can choose to use the nylon or substitute it for a cotton fabric.  Super fast and fun to make- and kids love them.  Check out the school-themed bags I made for my girls.  A special project to personalize that lined-paper fabric is coming soon.



2 thoughts on “Simple Summer Sewing Series Day 4: Reusable Snack Bags

  1. I have these on my sew to do list. I’ve decided to just use cotton too. I plan to make out if existing scraps. My children are older so they won’t get as much use, but I still want to.

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