Finally! A Kid’s Clothing Week wrap up.

So, summer is almost over!  Or, that is how it feels around here.  Things are winding down and before we know it we will be gearing up for work and school in the fall.  After last weeks heat wave and the pressure of the Kids Clothing week challenge I am recouping and slowing down a bit.  Can you believe everything I made last week?

DSCN3992 DSCN3995 DSCN3985 DSCN3977 20130717_082135

20130718_085929  20130716_093602 20130716_092958 20130715_170524

I have also made a few dresses that I am SO VERY EXCITED about but can’t talk about yet (I am a pattern tester for one of my favorite blogs!)…busy busy.  This is on top of going to Jellystone, trips to the zoo, playdates, pool etc.  WOW.

This week, other than the secret dress making I am taking it easy.  Enjoying the girls and what we have left of summer (I know, we still have another month!).


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