KCW-Day Seven! End with a strong finish…

It’s over!  I accomplished my goal- to make one item of kids clothing every day this week, photograph it and submit it to the Kids Clothes Week Challenge website, and post to this blog.  It wasn’t easy!  Next time I will be sure to prepare ahead of time and work out what I am going to make, and go shopping for fabric.  Can you believe I made everything this week with fabric and patterns from my stash?   Well, all except for the beautiful skirt I made today using the Out to Sea fabric by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller fabric I picked up last weekend from The Workroom in Toronto.  I love it, but will surely be a bit nervous about what Isabel is doing in it when she wears it- so much crisp white fabric!  So pretty.  This challenge was so much fun, but made much more difficult with the heat wave of this week, should be so much easier in the fall.  I plan on doing a roundup post on this tomorrow, and reflect on the process, and what I was able to get done.

For today I want to show you what I whipped up this morning, I can’t believe I made this AND went to the zoo today with the family!  woo hoo, super fast sewer here.  Pretty damn proud of myself.

First the skirt I mentioned above- a simple elastic waist, super full, twirly skirt:


Hey, I could’ve ironed it for this but I am keeping it real- I don’t iron.  Not much.

I also made the cutest pair of leggings, using the Go To Leggings pattern, a favorite.  I used a white/grey striped knit fabric I had originally bought to make an infinity scarf for me but never did.  I love how they turned out, and have a set cut out for Eleanor too!

DSCN3997    DSCN3995

I also love how great they look together…and apparently the skirt swings really well!



I think I just found my favorite spot for pictures, what a difference natural light makes.  Not that I didn’t know this before, but it is worth waiting for good light rather than being so impatient and taking pics in the evening with a flash.  Oh well, maybe I will be more organized and plan this out a bit better next time.  I’ve got to step up my game if I want to get people to actually read this blog!  That is the whole purpose of this right?


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