The day is almost over, but I’ve got to meet my challenge!

So, this is a pretty lame post, but I must keep my challenge…to post every day and contribute one item to the Kids Clothing Week Challenge website at: kidsclothesweek.com.  Today we spent the entire day at Jellystone Park, swimming, playing mini golf, going down water slides, baking in the sun and playing on the beach.  Overall a wonderful, sweaty, sticky, and wet summer day of fun.


Before heading out there this morning I did manage to finish up this cute pair of sailboat shorts, too bad Isabel says they are too boyish.  Any little boys out there want them?  Seriously, send me a message at smallseams.gmail.com if you live local and have a little boy who wears a size 6.


An easy pull on elastic waist, with a preppy sailboat cotton fabric.  I love them.  I remember having a top with a similar pattern on it when I was a kid and I loved it, but that was before little girls wore so much pink and bling.  Oh, the late 70’s and early 80’s when girls played with classic legos (did they really have to come up with pink legos?), star wars toys and wore whatever their Mom gave them to wear…or was that just me?


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