KCW Day One: Realistic expectations

Today is the first day of Kids Clothes Week and I was determined to sew up a new garment, type up a tutorial for it, model it, photograph it, blog it and still have time to watch 4 little girls run amok in my house.  Completely unrealistic.  I did get the tutorial ready, did some crochet and fabric cutting but the big reveal and post will have to come tomorrow.

Oh well, I did meet my goal though by posting a project on the Kids Clothes Week website tonight- a sweet floral tie-shoulder tank I whipped up for Isabel.  She loves it, and wanted to model it right away.  I am going to be in trouble with this one, she is a natural.  She chose her own spot to stand, picked herself some hydrangeas and struck a pose.  Hilarious.   She even ran back into the house to grab a sunhat because she thought it would look good in the picture.  I really wonder what my neighbors think when they see my girls posing on the front lawn for me to take pictures.  Do they think I am crazy or what?








The biggest complement is that she asked if she could wear it to summer school tomorrow.  So, it was a true success!  Check back tomorrow for my crochet top tutorial and pics.  I am so excited, I am off to a decent start so far!



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