Toronto: Spent, and I am not just talking money

I am spent.  Exhausted.  The heat does that to you, so does driving.  How do people do long road trips with kids.  A few hours is my limit!  Just got back from an awesome overnight adventure in Toronto, I also spent way too much money.   Doesn’t that always happen when you are out of town, even if just for one night?  Thankfully, my dear friend Jen was up for following me on some craft shopping with  her little baby Leona (the real reason we went to Toronto- I swear!)  in tow and I made some great finds.  Of course I had to whip up a new dress for the occasion- pattern is from the Stylish Dress book- AGAIN, pattern A.  The fabric was a red tag apparel fabric from Joann’s- a black and white check with stretch.  Total cost=$9.  Awesome.  Thanks to Jen’s sneaky picture taking I have evidence of it. Was I that entranced that I didn’t notice she was snapping MULTIPLE pictures?

checking out the selection with Leona
checking out the selection with Leona

Our first shopping stop yesterday was at The Workroom.  I am in love with this place.  It has been my fantasy lately to open something similar in Buffalo, a cute little shop where folks can come in and use a sewing machine, collaborate together, pick up some amazing fabric and attend classes etc.  I would say next to Purl Soho in NYC, this has to be one of my favorite shops.   I also totally nerded out and introduced myself to the owner Karyn, who couldn’t be sweeter.  It was like meeting a celebrity in person, isn’t it strange meeting someone you have followed online?  I picked up and splurged on an amazing Liberty of London print  in the most beautiful deep pink hand sketched floral print to make a dress for myself, as well as coordinating prints for a bag and a sweet nautical fabric for a girls dress.

photo 5

photo 4

We didn’t let the 90 degree heat get us down, as we walked from The Workroom to Romni wools so I could build up my stash of fabric and yarn.  Just what I need right?  Stopping on the way for an iced coffee sure hit the spot as well.  It is probably a good thing that you don’t live in Buffalo Jen, or I would be in trouble!  Thankfully the husbands took the other kids (three other girls between us!) to a splash pad and lunch while we meandered the city streets in search of crafty deals.  I had an amazing time!  The basement of Romni wools is like a labyrinth of bargain yarn, I could get lost in there for hours.  You never know what you are going to find, I always find something and visit every time I make it up to Toronto.  After our shopping was done we headed back to her house to eat some delicious Portugese chicken and hang out before heading to our hotel.  I think the hotel was the most exciting part of it for the girls, it doesn’ t matter where it is or how fancy or not- something about packing their bags (and dolls) and sleeping in a hotel is super-cool to them.  I love seeing their excitement and joy as they jump onto the beds and run around.  Hilarious.



Before heading back home today we met up at The Junction Flea market and checked out some vintage and handmade goods and ate the most amazing Pollo Rojo tacos.

Yummy tacos, say Hi Bert!

Also, who knew iced coffee served out of the side of an airstream trailor would taste sooooo good?


Of course the best part of our mini-vacation was seeing our girls play, laugh and bond together.


Having been great friends for about 18 years (wow), Jen and I surely have a special bond- but seeing our little girls together has got to be the sweetest thing ever!  I was finally able to give baby leona my presents I posted about here.  Thankfully she still fit in the snugglers!

Even the crazy construction traffic on the QEW won’t deter us from planning our next visit- we can’t wait!



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