Moving at a Summer’s pace


Summer feels like it is already slipping away, how is it already mid July?  We are frantically working on our summer bucket list; swimming at the pool, playing outside, heading to the playground as much as possible.  All while I try to keep up with this blog…I am finding it hard to find time to write!  Not that I am not “creating”, I am more than ever.  Once I have made or done something that I hope to post on here I feel like I have to stop and play with the girls, or head outside, or spend time singing Sofia the first songs or making snacks.


Here is a bit of a snapshot into what has been going on around here.  I hope to post alot of more on the projects I have been working on: the handmade wardrobe for Eleanor’s birthday bitty baby, my 5th dress from the Stylish Dress Book, modern retro redo baby pattern and what I am knitting right now.



I have been enjoying time spent lounging in the yard while the girls play.   A nice slow pace to the day, some knitting or hand sewing in the back yard listening to the birds sing and the girls laugh.  Can’t get any better than this.


Well, until the joy is interrupted by cries of anger and “Mommy, Isabel…or Mommy, I need…”  Am I the only one who has kids who fight or are “bored” after about 20 minutes?  Anyways, I have been thoroughly enjoying those 20 minutes of silence in between their bouts.  Enjoying watching them as they develop their sisterly friendship and develop their little fantasy world.  Pretending the back yard is a farm, or building fairy houses, playing school or library.  Reducing TV time whenever possible.  It is a good thing.






For now, it is time to pack- we are headed to Toronto tomorrow!  I can’t wait to see friends, do some shopping and get out of town.  I am sure my obsession with The Stylish Dress Book is obvious on this site, I am so excited to find out that a blog I have been inspired by-makesomething.ca has a fabric store in Toronto!  She has made some amazing dresses/tops from this book using the most beautiful Liberty prints.  A trip to The Workroom for fabric and Romni Wools for yarn is in order, I’d better think of some projects I want to work on next so I can stock up!


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