Sometimes you’ve just got to go with EASY

My baby is turning 4 this week! How is that even possible?  My little snuggler, super attached, huggy, kissy, sweet and crazy  girl.  I just want to hold her, squeeze her, smell her and soak her all in before she is “big”.  Before she is gone to school everyday in the fall, too old to sit on my lap and sing “you are my sunshine” nonstop, gone to experience the world on her own without me always by her side.  Can you tell I am a bit emotional about her starting school?  For now I am going to try to enjoy her craziness, her following me around the house, her favorite place to sit on my lap, her constant hugs.  Part of me knows I will enjoy the time alone in the fall when I am not at work, but rather home- by myself for the first time in almost 7 years- wow.20130707_142644

Ok, enough of me wining- back to the birthday!  To celebrate Eleanor’s big day we have a special party planned around her favorite character- Strawberry Shortcake!  I am not normally into character parties, or character anything really but given this is her first real birthday party (poor second kid!) I just had to give in.  Off to Party city we went to buy Strawberry shortcake plates, napkins, favors etc.

She is so excited!  Of course a special birthday dress was in order, and it had to be strawberry.  After searching online for strawberry fabric and in the stores I started running out of time and was limited to what was sold in stores.  Why do I always procrastinate to the point of being stuck?  So much time browsing online, only to run out of time and have to settle?  And can you believe Joann’s had NO strawberry fabric, none?  Cherries, lemons, watermelon, apples- but not one strawberry in site.  This is one case where my original idea pales in comparison to what I ended up with!  My original idea was to order this fabric from Fabric.com:

Riley Blake Sweetcakes Strawberries Pink
Riley Blake Sweetcakes Strawberries Pink

Cute right?  But, given my waiting until the last minute I didn’t have time for shipping, so off to Joann’s we went.  After searching high and low for something similar I came up with an idea to use coordinating fabrics to make the dress look like a strawberry, rather than use a strawberry print.   I found a red and white polka dot tutti frutti print juvenile fabric and paired it with a solid green cotton.


I used a tried and true pattern from one of my favorite girls sewing books.  This book has taught me so much, it was my first real book of patterns I used for my girls when I was first learning to sew.  I have made countless peasant dresses, tops and skirts from this book.


To resemble a strawberry I adapted the ruffle top peasant top from the book, but used the basic peasant top pattern and lengthened it to dress length omitting the shirring and using the green cotton for the ruffle.  I absolutely love how it turned out.


From start to finish this took less than an hour to sew up.  Easy peasy.  When you are up all night with a feverish kid, watching Sofia the first at 3am and surviving solely on caffeine the next day sometimes you just have to go with easy.  Sometimes easy and simple is actually what’s best.



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