Stylish Dress Book

So, what do you do when you are invited to a wedding, have nothing to wear and the thought of dragging your two kids with you to try on dresses makes you start sweating?  Sew your own!  Somehow this is easier?  Enter the Stylish Dress Book: Wear with Freedom by Yoshiko Tsukiori.


I am just in love with this book, and any excuse to sew a real garment for myself using one of the patterns is good enough for me!  I first checked this book out of the library, but loved it so much I actually bought it.  This is a rare thing these days.  I have sewn a few things already, but the pattern I chose this time is pattern A: a simple sleeveless dress with bias edging around the gathered neckline and bust darts to give it a bit of shape.  The pullover style, with a generous fit is ideal for easy summer style.


I used a linen (or linen like?) fabric I picked up from  Joann’s a while back, with an allover floral print and a nice drape.  This may not be the most flattering cut, but for an easy, comfortable summer dress it is perfect!


One very important thing to remember when sewing with this book is to add seam allowances!  This is the fourth dress I have made, but only the third I can actually wear…poor third dress fits like a straight jacket since I forgot to add the seam allowance, so disappointing to spend hours sewing a garment and have it not fit.  Me + late night sewing= failure.   I did make some alterations to this pattern,  the simple bust darts and lack of structure of this dress did nothing for me so I had to add some elastic to under the bustline to add some definition.  The design of this dress originally didn’t really work for an actual chest- it was a bit too mumu like, but after I added the elastic I loved it!


My new dress, paired with black capri leggings, wedge sandals and a long necklace…something I will be proud to step out in tomorrow (er, last week!  a trip to Jellystone, and two kids with fevers delayed this post.  Yikes)  Blame Yogi Bear.


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