The New Baby

Not my new baby, maybe I need to clarify.  My bestest friend Jen just had a new baby.  A little baby girl, to join the long list of little girls born into our family of friends.  How is it that me, my sister and my closest female friends have each given birth to two girls.  Wow.   This just means more dresses to sew, cute little baby gowns, blankets and the most adorable baby snugglers!  I really wish I had the sewing experience I have now when my girls were born, I have gotten so much better over the last 6 years.  Had I known about this pattern, or had the talent to sew it back then I am sure my little Isabel would have been snuggled up in about a dozen of these.  For now however I am happy to sew them up for the new baby (who I can’t wait to meet!).  Hopefully I will get up to Toronto before she outgrows the swaddling phase…or as you can see in these pictures these might become baby doll snugglers for her big sister. 

Since I don’t have access to a little baby for the purpose of this post; please let me introduce you to Elise. 


Elise is Isabel’s “baby”, an all too realistic human baby sized doll she “adopted” from the nursery at FAO Schwartz two years ago when we visited NYC.    Although I find it a bit creepy to pose a doll and photograph it, I wanted to make sure this pattern would work, and she is closest thing I’ve got!  The pattern I used is Lotta Jansdotter’s Snuggler pattern, available in print in her book “Simple Sewing for Baby“, or for free online through Make: Craft for a Craft pattern podcast here.


I would totally recommend her book, if you have a little one at home you are sure to make several patterns in the book.  I actually wish I owned it, but my girls are now too old for most of the patterns.  When I was a public Librarian I checked it out of the library several times! 


There are some problems with the downloadable pattern linked to above, or just how it was printed- but I did have to scale it up to match the dimensions given.  Reading the comments on the Make:Craft post it seems I wasn’t the only one, so be aware. 


I decided to line both of mine with a soft flannel fabric rather than something heavier given the baby was born in the summer, and I used a cotton Paul Frank pattern for the outer of one, and a sweet hot air balloon flannel for the other.  Love how they both turned out! 



Now that I see the baby doll all snuggled up I think I will size this down for a few special baby dolls in this house.   I love what Probably Actually has done, and will have to give it a go- so sweet!  

I also have a new tutorial coming up on sewing for baby dolls, now that my baby is turning 4 next week (and there are no more babies in my future) I will be breathing some new life into old baby/toddler clothes by turning them into outfits for Eleanor’s babies.  Super cute, super fast and free!

To round out the baby gift I picked up a copy of Mercer Mayer’s The New Baby, being a child of the 80’s (and late seventies-ugh) you’ve gotta love Little Critter!  mercer_mayer


*hoping Jen is still in the fog of having a newborn at home, and not actually reading this blog or the cat’s out of the bag!


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