Summer is Here!

Summer is here!  I have been out of my normal routine with school coming to an end, hosting an awesome end of the year Kindergarten party and general outdoor summer fun.  Doesn’t quite match up with staying inside at the sewing machine or computer to post on a blog.  I need a good rainy day to get back to my sewing stash, I have a stack of cut fabric just waiting to become baby swaddlers, little dresses and more that I hope to blog about soon.  In the meantime I will just share a few pics of what I have spent the majority of time on this past week…preparing for a blast of a party with about 25 little 5-6 year olds and their families.  Crazy.

snow cone machine, goya style
Photo project I did for the class, I printed small 4×6 prints for decoration after handing out the enlargements to the parents at school.
Decorations before the destruction, punch balloons- so fun!
Stuffed balloons with candy and raffle tickets that the kids traded in for prizes, my favorite part of the party!






I have some awesome photos of the actual party, but don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of other people’s children online, so I only shared my proud little Kindergarten grad.  Of course she is wearing a handmade dress, and matched her sister (not pictured) in the cutest Oliver & S popover dress, using Little Lisette fabric in pink with ice cream and popsicles- perfect for the first day of Summer!


2 thoughts on “Summer is Here!

  1. It was an absolutely amazing party Jewel! Thank you so much for all the work you put into it. The party was such a success, I think you should make it an end of the year tradition! 😉

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