I was born in 1976, and so was this pattern.


I get a kick out of thinking this vintage pattern is as old as I am.  I guess this  makes me pretty old.  Yikes.  Quite simply-Simplicity 7407, my favorite vintage pattern ever!


So easy to sew, so fast I completed it all within an hour or so this afternoon.  I confess I have sewn this a few times already, the pattern for size 4 even worked for Eleanor last summer.  This time I left out the elastic on the “bloomers” to make them into simple shorts instead and she loves them.  I think they will get worn all summer with or without the wrap top.  The fabric is by Richloom, a cotton print I bought ages ago on clearance.  I don’t normally like dressing little girls in black but the simple bold dot pattern looks so modern to me.  This style crossover top is ridiculously cute and I am going to be so sad when my girls have both outgrown this type of top.  How do they get so big so fast, I am not ready for the bedazzled, sequined, graphic tee and skinny jeans styles.  Girls fashion seems to go from baby to teenager way too fast…ever try shopping for a 6 or 7 year old?  I almost cried when Isabel grew out of 5T, anything above that is a whole new world.  There are classics though, like Lands End, that still appeal to me- but try getting a size 7 at Marshalls that doesn’t have “bling”.  Ridiculous.  Let them be little for longer Ok?


Playing hide and seek, trying to climb the tree?  Hard to get the girls to stay still for photos, but I can’t get mad she looks so darn cute.  I just love this little monkey, she is so sweet.


Have you ever sewn a wrap top like this?  For a few years I tried to adapt/draw up my own for Isabel and had different varies of success… but this pattern is spot on.  Smashed Peas and Carrots has a great tutorial and pattern for a baby size crossover pinafore like this as well, I would totally recommend it if you have a little baby girl.  I also found an easy tutorial of how to draft your own pattern using a dress you already have.   Wish I had thought of this years ago when i was trying to draw my own!  My sewing has sure come a long way, with alot of trial and error.  I guess that is how you learn right?  I have never used either link, but thought they might be helpful if you wanted to give it a shot.  Another option is to search for this pattern online, I was able to find a few on etsy.  Lucky me I think I scored mine for pocket change from the thrift shop last summer- even cheaper than the 1.00 price from 1976 listed on the envelope.  All together, since this fabric was on clearance last year as well, this entire outfit probably came in under $5.00…pretty amazing.


The Simplicity pattern I used is put together a bit differently than the tutorials I listed above, the front and crossover straps are one piece, not separate as in her tutorial.  Very simple, just cut two fabrics (contrasting or the same as I used here) on the fold, sew them right sides together, turn them inside out and topstitch.  Add your button holes and buttons and you are done.  Easy peasy.  Much easier than trying to get her to stand still, or wear shoes to match the outfit- I know, I ask too much.



2 thoughts on “I was born in 1976, and so was this pattern.

  1. I love the black and white large dots. It has modernised your vintage pattern. Your little girl is so sweet. I sew for my 2 year old niece, using vintage patterns It is a good feeling to use a vintage pattern and the thrill of paying so little for them is addictive. Happy sewing.:)

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