Modern Retro Kindergarten Style, Part II


Done, done, done.   Isabel’s Kindergarten “Graduation” dress using this pattern:



(blogged about here) is done.

Well, to be fair it was done a while ago, but with out of town guests, field trips, cleaning for guests, cleaning again for guests etc. it took a bit to get this posted.  The most exciting part of this project is that it is the first time all of my seams are professionally serged- woo hoo.  The serger class I took at the local fabric shop got me started- even though after over 2 hours of playing around with my machine during class we couldn’t really figure it out all that well.  For some reason I got home, set it up, tried one other knob and it worked- yay!  I am now hooked, it is like sewing on speed….awesome.  Not that I would know what it feels like to be on speed- but you get the idea!


Knowing I will be too busy to take pictures on her last day of school I forced my little “model” to pose in the dress tonight- not too happy.  She loves the dress, just not standing still for pictures when she’d rather be running around on the swingset.  I think it turned out pretty great, but hoping I am the only one who notices the flaws.  Not going to point them out on here!!


I followed the directions as written, but instead of using ribbon trim after the dress is completed I used pink piping in place of where the ribbon was to be used- across the back and bodice, and down the front center seam.  I really like how it turned out, already thinking of doing this again with solid colors ala Mondrian color block.  I think I will omit the puffy sleeves next time though, not sure if I like them but I am pretending I do because if I show any doubt she will not wear it…she has already hinted to hating them.  Oh well, live and learn.




Eleanor was jealous of the picture taking action and jumped in- maybe she can wear it for Kindergarten too!


Besides sewing, we have all been busy with our yoga as well- kidding.  I couldn’t resist this though.   Who would’ve thought it would take a few new handmade outfits to make them show some interest in their American Girl dolls!



3 thoughts on “Modern Retro Kindergarten Style, Part II

    1. Thanks! Awesome that you commented on my blog- you are like a celebrity to me, I have been following your blog forever!

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