Modern Retro Kindergarten Style

This weeks Modern Retro is bittersweet for me.  My Isabel is finishing Kindergarten- how did that happen so fast?  She is really growing up-yikes.  I have found having a 6 year old is like having a teenager and a toddler fighting for power- constantly swinging back and forth between independence and emotional breakdowns.  Growing up is hard, that middle ground between being a young child and a big girl is hard to navigate.  It is terrifying to me to think about her growing up with me being unable to control her environment and make sure she is safe.  Not just physically safe, but emotionally safe.  Her feelings are easily hurt, and I can relate all to well to being shy and unsure of yourself.  It breaks my heart to see my insecurities reflected in her.  How I wish she were more aggressive, bold, open to new things and new people.  The school years are rough- I am sure we all have memories of getting our feelings hurt, being fearful, being picked on etc.  So hard to wach.  Boy do I think the baby years are easier! I know her empathy and sensitivity will make her a better woman as she gets older, but as a child she is just an open wound walking around.  Very hard.

Anyways, her school does not have a “graduation” for Kindergarten but they are having a celebration with songs and a reception so I am going to make an extra special dress for the occastion.  This has become a tradition, I made a dress for her Nursery school graduation, and one for her Pre-K celebration last year.  This year for Kindergarten I am ramping it up a bit and tackling a vintage Butterick pattern  3017 for an a-line dress with short puff sleeves and ribbon trim (the one shown in blue).  I am going to replace the ribbon trim with contrasting piping.  For a modern approach I “might” make coordinating leggings so that she feels more comfortable, because again this is awfully short!



The fun part of this is the FABRIC!  I actually found this awesome print at Joann’s.  It is a designer print- Alexander Henry Kaori Floral…and I am in love with its bright and fun print.  Love it!


Picture this sweet little dress paired with red capri leggings and her saltwater sandals…adorable.  I can’t wait to get started on this and see how it develops…keep you posted!


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