I have several projects in the works but haven’t found the time to post.  Yesterday I had the challenge of visiting Isabel’s school to photograph the kids in her class for a really cool photo project I am working on.  I am pretty excited about how it is turning out so far.   The kids were so cute, posing one at a time on stage.  A few of them with “extra” personality even did a few dance moves and poses.  Hilarious.  The best part was the look on Isabel’s face when I came in and spent time in her classroom.  Poor kid has been giving me such a hard time lately.  She just hasn’t been herself.  I think she really needed some one on one time with me, without her crazy little sister!  I think she will really love this project. 



I spent a few hours last night tracing patterns and cutting fabric for this weeks Modern Retro post- a beautiful little dress for Isabel’s Kindergarten “ceremony”.  Hope to post on that tomorrow.  But first I am off tonight to a class!  I am finally going to learn how to use my serger.  Up until now it has been packed away in the box it came in, having ordered it over a year and a half ago with the profits I made at the Queen City Market…such a splurge considering I never opened the box!  Heading out to Elmwood Village Fabrics in a bit to take a private lesson.  woo hoo.  Is it strange that I am nervous like a kid going to school for the first time.   Crazy.  I am so excited to learn something new, even if it is just how to do more sewing!!  So, I guess I haven’t been a total slacker…


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