I have recovered from the crazy hospital gown/clown dress of a few days ago and have redeemed myself by making a great pattern redo.  The pattern I chose this time is Butterick 3062.     My pattern was a size 4, with a 23 inch breast.


Toddler Girls’ Top And Bloomers: A-line top has scoop neckline, buttoned shoulders, and regular, scalloped, or shirttail hem with purchased eyelet ruffling. Bloomers have elasticized waist and legs.  I chose to make the version with the lace trim and rounded side slits.  This is put totally over the edge with the coordinating bloomers.  Hoping my (almost) 4 year old still feels comfortable wearing bloomers…not much longer I am sure.  I think I will mourn the loss of bloomers when she outgrows this style, it has got to be my favorite summer style for little girls.



Look, it is a potato bug!  Eleanor has no fear of bugs and loves to explore.  Unfortunately for this little bug a few minutes later she examined him a bit too much…smoosh.  Gross, at least no pics of that right? 


I would be lying if I said my latest obsession with Mad Men had nothing to do with my choice of patterns for this blog.  Sally Draper has certainly inspired some of these pattern purchases.  I can’t resist a short girls dress with knee socks and mary jane shoes.  This look however is much more juvenile than the last one I attempted (and failed) and will look so sweet with her little saltwater sandals this summer.  Perfect hot weather outfit to run around in.  She helped pick out the fabrics and approved the pattern and loooves the lace trim.  I tend to prefer cleaner lines, and don’t usually like to pair busy patterns with trims but for this modern retro series it seems to match the era and look I am going for.

With the momentum I gained from recovering from the horrid dress I mentioned earlier I kept on sewing.  And sewing.  And sewing.  Completing a pair of knit shorts, knit capri pants and knit dress today alone.   I plan on posting on these soon!

I also tried to save the clown dress by cutting off the collar and finishing up the neckline with an inside bias tape and added an elastic ruching to the back to bring it in a bit- and it is still too large!  It still looks a bit like a hospital gown and I am working on what I can add to make it work.  I am determined to make it work!  Oh god, I just heard Tim Gunn’s voice in my head.  Project Runway flashbacks.  Oh how I used to love that show!


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