Heartbreaking.  Totally heartbreaking.  How I feel after I spend a few hours of my not so spare time making  a piece of clothing, following the pattern exactly, finishing seams, installing zipper, hemming etc. only to have it turn out like crap.  What looks like an adorable a-line short mod dress on the pattern cover turned out to be an oversized hospital gown like dress with a clown collar!  How am I going to redeem this?  So bad i won’t even post a picture of  Isabel wearing it for fear of total humiliation on her part.  Bad.  Really Bad. Does this ever happen to you?  Like there is a “You”…I haven’t even told friends or family yet about this blog.  I doubt anybody has read it other than me!


Is it the subdued and pale print fabric I used?  Maybe if I used a bold print floral and omitted the collar it would be Ok.  What is most confusing to me is the fact that it is so large…it is a size 6 and Isabel’s measurements match those on the pattern- yet she fit in the size 4  pattern last week.  Hmmm.  Either way it is going to be hitting the chopping block tomorrow and get sliced up into something wearable!

One positive is that it was an absolutely beautiful day today.  We went for an amazing walk to the playground and brought our first picnic of the year.  I made an awesome set of picnic placemats last week that I finally got to use today and they were so nice.  The park was perfect- the weather was sunny and cool.  Perfect day to eat outside and lounge on a blanket while the girls ran around the park.  Post to come soon on the placemats, once I get a few good pictures of them I will post about the pattern and fabric I used.  Next onto making a picnic blanket…once I get through the stack of fabric sitting next to me waiting to be turned into dresses and leggings for the girls.  Redemption from this epic failure.


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