Modern Retro – this week’s pattern chosen!

Ok, so I am a bit late on this.  Only my second week in and I am already slacking.  I will blame it on this crazy weekend of parties…3 within the last 48 hours or so.  Sounds more exciting than it was in reality, they consisted of two kids parties where I watched Isabel run around and bounce like a maniac, and the third was a very quiet family party.  Nonetheless they kept me from what I needed to do for this post- which is keep my deadline and post a new vintage sewing project!  I did get my crafty mojo going by way of the birthday presents for the kids, and got to show off some awesome Marvel comics fabric I found for a crayon bag…almost makes me wish I had a boy.  Almost.  Hope the little boy liked it as much as I did!20130525_113028

So, enough excuses.  I guess it doesn’t really matter since nobody knows about this blog yet, but I feel the pressure so here is the chosen pattern for this weekend.  Looking through my pattern stash I found this cute pattern for a great a-line dress.


The pattern is from 1969 (again!) and features short sleeves, back zipper and optional collar.  Hopefully I will be able to take advantage of Memorial Day tomorrow and log in some hours sewing and whip this baby up.

Also, I am so excited to be starting an Etsy vintage shop!  I have been combing the thrift stores and have come up with a few great finds that I will place for sale in addition to the vintage patterns I am featuring on this blog.  Coming soon…


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