Hats, Hats, Hats

Ok, so I started a bit of an assembly line today.  I knocked out three hats in just a few hours, including the interruptions of a 3 year old and coffee refills.  I finally set out to sew together my fabric I cut out using the Oliver & S Bucket Hat pattern (available free!)  I had cut this out a while ago and never got to it thinking it would be time consuming.  Any time I see interfacing in a pattern I get indimidated- a problem I am working on.  Really I think it is just the pressing I have an issue with.  My sewing dirty little secret is that I never iron or press.  I don’t even have an iron in my sewing room.  Yikes.  Major rule breaker I know.  I rarely pin either- such a risk taker.

I actually skipped the interfacing for this altogether by doing one side in a heavy canvas fabric I scored at the thrift shop a while back.  Multiple yards of pale pink and yellow canvas for $2=deal.  I made the largest size and apparently once again my seam allowances always fall short so they are pretty large, even fitting on my head but luckily my girls have alot of hair and they work well.


The first one I made is using an Urban Circus Elephant fabric and lined it with the yellow canvas.  I had assumed this would just be a trial run or a test but it turned out so cute.  On a roll I immediately sat down to cut and sew a few more.


I couldn’t resist doing gingham.  Gingham in summer is a favorite, and again my vintage sheets and fabric came into play.  I am going to raid my stash to find more – can’t have too many hats right?  The sunhat paired with soft floral and gingham is so sweet.  I did enlarge the brim on the pink floral one and I opted not to do the multiple rows of stitching around the brim.  Bonus- they take only 30 minutes to sew, and I made them fully reversible.  Rather than hand sewing in the liner fabric I chose to machine sew it right sides together with the brim and left a small space to flip inside out- less hand sewing for me.  I don’t understand why I would have hand sewn it but maybe I am just lazy?


Either way, the girls love them and Isabel even wore hers out as soon as she got home from school- a sign of a success!

Next goal is to enlarge the brim even ore and pick up some linen fabric- about time I made a hat for myself I think!


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