Not the first time…

Will I stick to it? I’ve started blogs before but have never made it past a few posts. Does that say something about me and my lack of commitment? Hmm. I am always out there looking for new ideas, projects and learning from the online community that I am determined this time to stick with it and put myself out there to show what I am working on in hopes that I can inspire someone else. My current focus is on the hunt for vintage sewing notions, fabric, linens and patterns. I hope to highlight some of these in my upcoming posts and show how thrifty you can be using vintage materials, and how using vintage patterns with modern fabrics or modifications can result in some unique and amazing pieces. I primarily sew children’s clothing but have been branching out a bit in home goods and a bit of sewing on an adult scale. So, let me Introduce myself! I am Jewel. I am a mom to two amazing (yet exhausting) liitle girls, an academic Librarian, wife, and sewer/knitter/crocheter. I spend way too much time online reading craft blogs and Pinterest. My favorite place to be is at a thrift store or open market…hopefully followed by an iced coffee and time spent at my sewing machine!


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